Saturday, January 08, 2005


Do you like to PVP?

Do you enjoy working with a group in PVP?

Are you comfortable using Voice comms? (We use Teamspeak, dedicated server)

Do you want to PVP with guys that take this game and PVP very serious? (With fun in mind, but at the same time, we play to win)

Do you want to play with guys that want to PVP fairly and without exploits or cheats?
(We will play fairly, there will always be people that may be upset with the outcome of a battle and cry foul, but being on our comms for a bit, you will know we all play to win, without exploits)

Are you able to think for yourself before asking questions? (We are great at helping each other but things move fast in PVP and we count on our members to have common sense and think about things before asking)

Are you the type that will stop what you are doing to help a guild member? We are a tight group and it is not uncommon for us to delay our personal plan to help a team mate that may need assistance.

Synister Yet Noble is looking to add like minded people to increase our presence in PVP. If you are not into PVP, then SYN would not be for you. We do have the occasional PVE hunts and such, but all our goals revolve around PVP.

We are an Imperial Guild and are only recruiting Imperial players. We have 3 full level Knights and we several in guild that are grinding their Jedi templates currently. We also have Non Jedi that like to PVP and we recognize that to be successful in PVP, it takes more than just Jedi.

We are based out of naboo for easy access to Theed to be close to the PVP that shows up there. We may some day do Guild Wars and things like this, so this is not a guild for those that would shy away from such things.

So if Extreme PVP is your thing and you think you would want to be a part of something like this, contact Mapai , Enar’, Tsumi, Or Buckwheat for a invite or more information. We would require you join our TS and spend some time for a week or so PVPing with us before being sponsored, so we can learn more about you, and you can learn what we are about. We are not going to grow for the sake of growing; we will only be adding member that we feel will compliment our already strong team. Most our members log in every night and enjoy this game as much now as we did when we started.

Thanks for your time

Intrepid- Mapai FS Bounty Hunter
Intrepid- Catio Swordsman/Doctor
Intrepid- Ataut Dark Jedi Knight
Loot Vendor 453, -4812 Tal Valor, Naboo


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